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The mission of Safe Road Services is to provide the Public Works community with environmentally friendly and cost-effective road maintenance products that reduce operating, material, and equipment costs while increasing overall efficiency and promoting sustainability.

Why Use High Percentage Organic Blends?


  • Stockpile treating agent – will hold indefinitely in stockpile unlike straight MgCI2 or CaCI2.
  • Onboard pre-wetting agent – use existing equipment with minor modifications.
  • Liquid Anti-icing agent – applied directly to roadway with spray bar.
  • Dust Control and soil stabilization agent (SAFE BIND).

Corrosion Inhibition

  • Less corrosive than water per Washington State DOT testing.
  • Substantially reduces, even stops, corrosion on ferrous metals, especially when stockpile treating.
  • SAFE MELT blends far exceed Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters requirements for corrosion inhibition on ferrous metals.
  • Significantly less corrosive than CaCI2 or MgCI2 brine.

Reduction in Salt and Sand Usage

  • 30-50% potential reduction in use of dry material, could be greater in conjunction with sander calibration.
  • SAFE MELT treated salt outperforms dry salt and salt pre-wet with CaCI2 r MgCI2 brine per HITEC report 1999
  • Turns white salt brown so you can cut back on sand without the public being aware, dramatically reducing spring clean up costs.

Environmental Protection

  • Low toxicity – greater than 50% reduction in chloride ions introduced into the natural and built environment.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Safe to handle.
  • Lab texts show that our high percentage blends far exceed rigorous PNS requirements for product purity.


  • Competitive with CaCI2 or MgCI2 brines.
  • Competitive with other agricultural byproducts.

Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters
Pacific Northwest Snowfighters



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