Summer Road Maintenance Products

Summer Maintenance Products: Safe Bind

Safe Bind is our powerful summer maintenance product. It is a high performance blend of ammonium ligninsulfonate and and calcium or sodium chloride brines.

Lignin is an organic material that fills voids between cellulose fibers in trees, giving them firmness and rigidity. It literally “glues” a tree together. Ligninsulfonate is a by-product of the paper making process during which lignin is separated from cellulose and reclaimed. Ligninsulfonates have a long history of use on roads as a method of dust control and surface stabilization. Ligninsulfonates have a natural adhesive property when moist.

When applied to dirt roads, the ligninsulfonate solution coats individual road particles with a thin adhesive-like film that binds particles together. It acts as a dispersant, allowing the particles to pack closer together for a stronger surface. Consequently, water uptake by the road bed surface is greatly reduced and the binder is less likely to be washed away by rain.

Safe Bind is approved by the U.S. Forest Service Administration, General Service Administration and local and regional government agencies.


Dust control and fine retention agent
Base stabilization agent
Shoulder mix agent

Powerful Corrosion Inhibitor

Substantially reduces, even stops corrosion damage to ferrous metals.

Greater Cost Reductions

Less blading and grading
Virtually eliminates potholes and wash-boarding
Our performs MgCI2 and CaCI2 brines

<h5>Greater than 50% reduction in chloride ions introduced into the natural and build environment</h5>
<h5>Significantly less corrosive than CaCI2 or MgCI2 brines, <em>less corrosive than water</em></h5>
<h5>Safe to handle</h5>
<h5>Binds road together with “nature’s own glue”</h5>
<h5>Cost competitive with liquid calcium chloride</h5>


"In previous years we used mag chloride and calcium chloride for fines retention and dust control on our gravel roads. The summer of 2011 will be our third summer using Safe Bind. We have seen superior results from this product. We find that it out performs all of the other products we have used, creating a much more durable road surface. It is also environmentally friendly, which our residents appreciate. I highly recommend this product.
-Andy Hodgdon | Public Works Director | Norwich, VT

"Safe Bind made a significant difference in our summer gravel program. Safe Bind reduced the dust and bound the road so well we were able to grade less and keep a better surface than we had in past years without it. I would recommend this product to any municipalities with gravel roads."
Kurt Grasset | Road Agent | Hancock, NH