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Winter Maintenance Products

Safe Melt

Safe Melt, our winter maintenance product is the high-performance blend of a quality-controlled forestry byproduct and calcium chloride brine, offering the optimum and most economical combination of corrosion inhibition, stockpile retention, residual effect, and ice melting capacity currently available.

Advantages Of High Performance Blend


Stockpile treating agent - will hold indefinitely in stockpile unlike straight MgCI2 or CaCI2. Onboard pre-wetting agent - use existing equipment with minor modifications. Liquid anti-icing agent- applied directly to roadway with spray bar.

Powerful Corrosion Inhibitor

Substantially reduces, even stops corrosion damage to ferrous metals.

33%-50% Reduction in Salt and Sand Use

Safe Melt treated salt outperforms dry salt and salt treated with CaCI2 or MgCI2 brines.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Effective to 0 degrees F pavement temperature
  • Biodegradable, low toxicity, safe to handle
  • Greater than 50% reduction in chloride ions introduced into the natural and built
  • Cost competitive with CaCI2 or MgCI2 brines
  • Turns salt brown so you can start cutting back on sand!


Use this Resource Library to learn more about Safe Bind and its ingredients.

Safe Melt Flyer

Posted: December 2019
Click Here to download the Safe Melt application rates


Lingin: A Safe Solution For Roads

Posted: December 2019
The Lignin Institute has also established voluntary product quality standards for lignin products (including calcium, ammonium and sodium lignosulfonate) used for road and soil stabilization. Lignin Institute.

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Lingin & The Enviroment

Posted: December 2019
Lignins have been used for many years on road surfaces, in pesticide formulations, in animal feedstock, and otherproducts that contact food. As a consequence, lignin manufacturers have performed extensive studies to test lignin’s impact on the environment.

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SafeMelt SDS Sheet

Posted: December 2019
Click Here to read and download the SafeMelt SDS Sheet


The first year we used the product, we noticed our sanders were coming back to the yard one-third full.
-Chip Barrett Highway Superintendent, Westford, MA

We have been using Safe Melt for the past 8 years and are very satisfied with the product thus far. We treat our stock pile as we receive our salt orders. Using this product means the difference between having to stay later and use more salt or going home to get that much needed tends to bind to the asphalt very well and lasts longer than salt alone. We will soon be using this product for dust control as well. We often get comments from other surrounding towns on how well Brewstars roads are. The use of this product has helped greatly in the response to public safety and with school delays and closures.
- Jim Jones Foreman, Brewster, MA

We use untreated salt and mix it with SAFEMELT, we also have a 1'000 gallon spray truck and use it to pretreat our main roads during extremely cold conditions. Having SAFEMELT on hand is a great option for us to have and has reduced salt quantity.
-Rich Josephson Acting Asst. DPW Director, Palmer, MA makes the salt last way longer, and leaves a residue that helps the next time it snows. It also reduces the amount of sand and salt used which greatly helps spring clean up.
- Alan Tetreault, Highway Surveyor, Mendon, MA